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01 01 11

This is a link to our Facebook page, with a music clip to start off the new year.

The music is from M People, the song is “Search For The Hero Inside Yourself” and “Genessis8” has put up some inspiring words and pictures to go with the uplifting lyrics.

This came out in the 80’s when I was at University.  It was like the Rocky anthem for non-Americans of my generation.  We sung it at parties and I’ve seen it performed live at sports arenas with tens of thousands of fans singing along.

This morning I did the Polar Dash, a three mile run in 3F/-16C temperatures.  I wore two pairs of pants, a shirt, a hoodie, two jackets and two pairs of gloves.  Genevieve took this photo of me with the “Dead End” sign disappearing into the distance.  I like the symbolism of that.

To keep me going through the run I listened to some of my favorite music, including the clip on the Facebook page.  I hope you enjoy the music, and have a fabulous start to your New Year.

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