Farrar's Faucet: A psychologist’s candid, productive and often humorous take on principled business behavior and better business outcomes.


For an independent consultant I have a rare background – an economist who became a psychologist, a corporate executive with international experience and military training. I held senior positions in some of the world's largest companies before starting my own consulting and professional speaking business.

My expertise is principled leadership behavior in business and organizations. I work with senior executives, management teams and entrepreneurs to address the people issues that make the most difference to their success. The paybacks for my clients' regularly have broad strategic impact and exceed millions of dollars.

In more than twenty years of business I have been lucky enough to know many good leaders, and even a few great ones. Some I was fortunate enough to work for, and some I worked with, and some I was lucky enough to have work for me. They all showed a talent for dealing with people and issues that goes beyond personality traits or management training. They managed the immediate needs of their organization and set the direction for growth. They acted with candor and honesty. They were principled leaders. They are the kind of people I like to work with, work for and help succeed.

Principled leaders understand that successful business is about relationships. It requires integrity, vision and commitment. They make the connection between what needs to be done and how it needs to be done.

It is not about being task focused or people focused. It is about being both task focused and people focused. It is about understanding that the soft stuff is the hard stuff.

Three basic principles govern success.

  1. Treat everyone with integrity
  2. Align activities to deliver what matters most
  3. Engage stakeholders to commit their time, talent and trust

What you get in Farrar's Faucet is my ongoing passion: an expert’s candid, informative and sometimes humorous view on the relationship between principled business behavior and better business outcomes.



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