Farrar's Faucet: A psychologist’s candid, productive and often humorous take on principled business behavior and better business outcomes.

Not your average consultants!

Every day we come to work energized for two simple reasons:

  *  We love what we do

  *  We love helping our clients improve what matters most to their businesses

We run a leadership development and change management consultancy.  That means we help leaders who are changing their business and changing themselves.

Our clients are business owners and senior executives who want to address people issues in their organizations and lead their businesses with integrity.  Our work includes speaking, training, coaching and good old-fashioned, roll up your sleeves consulting.  We combine the skills of a trained psychologist with pratical expertise in how people really behave in organizations and across cultures.

Many of our clients have experienced some kind of pain, change or challenge in the people side of their business, but not necessarily.  Some just want to improve the performance of a management team, build better relationships with their customers or provide professional development for their senior executives.
All of our solutions are based on our deep understanding of the people side of business. 

We are down to earth consultants.  We measure our success by improving the four key drivers of our clients’ success:  Customer Satisfaction, Employee Well-Being, Productivity and Profitability.  


We are very good. 

We are not your average consultants.